Mini Episode 2: What is Heresy?

vision of peter zografi

Arius Eaten by a Dragon



As modern Christian leaders continue to call their opponents “heretics,” it might be a good idea to understand what heresy actually is. Tylor hosts this mini episode and discusses what the early church meant by the term.


The Gospel According to Hereticsby David Wilhite

So What? Podcast Interview with David Wilhite: Part 1, Part 2

“Six Heretics Who Should be Banned from Evangelicalism”by Tylor Standley


“Night Owl” by Broke For Free (cc by-nc 3.0)
“Questing” by Ari de Niro (cc by-nc 3.0)
“The Upside of Looking Down Instrumental” by Ryan Cullinane (cc by-nc 3.0)

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