Episode 4: John Chrysostom


St. John Chrysostom’s unmatched skill in public speaking led him to become one of the most famous preachers in his own day and in ours. Paradoxically, it also led to his own death. Listen to this episode to find out how he became such a great speaker, what he thought about wealth and poverty, and why some scholars think he is responsible for the Holocaust.



Golden Mouth: The Story of John Chrysostom, by J.N.D. Kelly

John Chrysostomby Wendy Mayer and Pauline Allen

Chrysostom the Oratorby John Heston Willey (This one is really old, published in 1906, but it’s an easy read and is FREE on Google Books!)


Wealth and Poverty in Early Church and Society, edited by Susan R. Holman

John Chrysostom and the Jewsby Robert L. Wilken

By John Chrysostom


On the Priesthood

Commentary on Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians

(For Sale)

On the Priesthood

Homilies on Philippians (This is a fantastic translation, which has the original Greek on the left page and English on the right)

Eight Homilies Against the Judaizing Christians


“Night Owl” by Broke For Free (cc by-nc 3.0)
“Winter” by Dana Boulé (cc by-nc-nd 4.0)
“Interstellar Sitar” by Dana Boulé (cc by-nc-nd 4.0)
“164 Steps to Awesome” by Dana Boulé (cc by-nc-nd 4.0)
“Lacquer Groove” by Blue Dot Sessions (cc by-nc 4.0)
“The Caspian Sea” by Blue Dot Sessions (cc by-nc 4.0)
“Tower of Mirrors” by Blue Dot Sessions (cc by-nc 4.0)
“Exit Exit” by P C III (cc by 4.0)
“Poissons grêlons” by Cuicuitte (cc0 1.0)
“The Bridge is Too Far” by Laszlo Harsanyi (cc by-nc-nd 3.0)
“The People Instrumental” by Ryan Cullinane (cc by-nc 3.0)
“Rooftops” by Ari de Niro (cc by-nc 3.0)
“Cash Rules” by Ari de Niro (cc by-nc 3.0)



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